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Konevets Quartet to Perform at Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church

Konevets Quartet to Perform at Prophet Elias February 10, 2017

Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church welcomes back the renowned male a cappella ensemble, Konevets Quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia. The Konevets Quartet will be performing at Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church on Friday, February 10 at 7 pm, located at 223 Church Street, downtown Santa Cruz.

At the heart of their repertoire is Russian church music, from ancient material written for the monasteries to works by 20th-century composers. The earliest church music is sung in unison or in arrangements for two or three voices, and in contemporary four-voice arrangements, many of them written by members of the Konevets Quartet. Additionally, they will perform Ukrainian famous folk and romance songs.

As musical ambassadors of the Konevets Monastery, part of the Konevets Quartet’s revenue aids the continuous restoration of the Monastery, which suffered catastrophic damage. A concert by the Konevets Quartet always offers a one-of-a-kind experience and the chance to learn more of the rich tradition of Russian choral music and the music of the male voice chamber choir.

Learn more about the Konevets Quartet and their extraordinary music on their website.

View music video here.